NDIS Information

We are a Non Registered NDIS Provider. This means we cannot process orders through NDIA directly for participants who are NDIA Managed.
However, the good news is you 
can use your NDIS Funding through us if you are either Self Managed OR Plan Managed* by following the instructions below..
* If Plan Managed please speak with your Plan Manager prior to placing order to ensure their guidelines are followed.

To make it easier, the process is the same for both Self and Plan Managed Participants. You simply create an Abandoned Cart! 
Alternatively, if paying up front our orders come with an itemized receipt so Self Managed Participants may choose to shop the website and then claim when they receive their order, or they can request an electronic receipt at checkout.  

Instructions for Self and Plan Managed NDIS Participants

Create an Abandoned Cart

- Shop website adding items to cart
- When finished adding items go to cart
- In Special Instructions for Seller box at bottom left side of cart
please enter the following.. 
NDIS Participants Full Name and NDIS Number
If Plan Managed, add Planners name and their details here.
- Click Checkout button 
- Add YOUR Contact Information, ensuring email address is added 
- Choose Shipping or Delivery Option
- Click Continue to Shipping Button to the next screen
- Log out of your browser.
This automatically sends us an Abandoned Shopping Cart
with all the above details and we'll be in touch!

Once we receive your cart we will generate an invoice for you within 24hrs, and put items aside for you. 
Once payment is received we will ship or deliver to you immediately.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other queries. 
- Rachelle