Ark Z-Vibe Carry Kit Customizable

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ARK's Z-Vibe® is a vibrating oral motor tool for speech therapy, feeding therapy, and a variety of other applications.  Recommended by speech and occupational therapists for 20 years, it's used to provide oral stimulation and tactile cues, to "wake up" the mouth, to decrease oral aversions and normalize oral sensitivities, to decrease drooling, to soothe, calm, focus, and self-organize, to improve oral motor skills, and much more.
Carry Kit Includes Translucent Clear Carry Case, 1 x Z-Vibe Handle w/Probe Tip, and your choice of a further 2 x Z-Vibe Tips

To turn the unit on, twist the switch tip in *just* until it starts to vibrate.  Any further will not increase the vibration, but significant over-tightening (although hard to do), may damage the motor. 


Discover more about the Z-Vibe...

There are over 35 different tip attachments for the Z-Vibe®.  The Z-Vibe comes standard with the original and still most popular Probe Tip. However, we also make a variety of other tips to work on more specific targeted goals. All of the tip attachments are interchangeable and compatible with any Z-Vibe® or Z-Grabber®. From spoons to toothbrushes to pencils and more, the same handle can shift goals simply by switching out one tip for another.
Use them to provide tactile stimulation and sensory feedback to the lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, and jaw.  They can also be used outside the mouth on the arms, hands, etc.  For oral defensiveness and sensitivities, start with the smooth tips and progress to the textured tips.  For oral motor exercises, the Probe, Preefer, and Fine Tips are the most popular and versatile options. Incorporate the Spoon and/or Animal Tips into your sensory mealtime strategies. 

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