Mini Loop Easi Squeeze Scissors

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Make it easier for children and teens as well as those with decreased hand strength or mobility to cut paper, fabric, or do arts and crafts projects with Special Supplies Loop Scissors.
When you’ve got children using scissors, you don’t want to worry about them putting their fingers on the blade if they have trouble opening and closing it. And if you’re a senior or someone with special needs due to hand strength or control issues, it can be hard on your confidence to use scissors you can’t manage.
That’s why we created Special Supplies Loop Scissors, versatile and easy-open scissors that help the blades spring back up automatically to help reduce the tension on your hand and fingers. Perfect for classrooms like preschool or kindergarten, home arts, and crafts projects, or elderly retirement homes, these scissors can do it all more safely and effectively.
Self-Open Design (After Squeeze) Length: 5.5” (Each) Supports Kids and Teens