Tangle Jr 4 Packs - Choices

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The Tangle Jr. is so much fun to twist and turn - it's hard to put it down! Tangles are the ultimate creativity tool for kids and adults alike.
After 40 years and almost 200 million units sold worldwide, you can find Tangles everywhere. From the classroom to the boardroom and every place in between, the fun and creativity never stop when you've got a Tangle in your hand.

Sets of 4 as pictured.

  1. Classic Tangle Jr- hard smooth texture
  2. Metallic Tangle Jr- hard smooth texture
  3. Textured Tangle Jr- hard smooth and bumpy textured sections
  4. Fuzzies Tangle Jr- soft fuzzy texture
  5. Improves fine motor skills
  6. Useful for hand & wrist therapy
  7. Calms anxiety & relaxes the mind
  8. Helps form healthy habits