1/2 PRICE! The Ultimate Slime Kit

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Put on your science cap and get ready to experiment with this awesome sensory experience. It's time to make your own slime! Our slime kits come with everything you need to make a variety of quality slimes.
This is The Ultimate Slime Kit and it makes 525 mLs of slime including the following varieties:
1 x Neon Color
1 x Glow In The Dark
1 x Glitter Color

Each kit contains:
- 3 x 50mL Glue
- 1 x 50mL Measuring Container
- 1 x Slime Activator (Borax)
- 1 x Plastic Spoon
- 3 x Stirrers
- 1 x tube of Glitter
- 1 x tube of Colored Ink
- 1 x sachet of Glow in the Dark Powder