Victoria Chart Company Add A Brilliant Smile Teeth Brushing Chart

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Add A Brilliant Smile tooth brushing reward chart is an easy way to motivate your child to brush regularly. The reward chart system teaches your child how his teeth develop, why they fall out and how to properly care for them.
Side one of the chart: After brushing your child can draw their own smiley face on the chart as a visual reminder how well they are doing.  Your child will take pride in their accomplishments and can show it off to family, friends and even your dentist!
Side two of the chart: Includes a fun face for children to color as each tooth falls out, ‘did you know?’ facts, nutrition tips for parents, information about dental visits, and a space to add incentives for regular brushing.
Each Add A Brilliant Smile reward chart contains:

  • 1 large chart (17 x 12 inches)
  • Dry erase pen
  • An informational sheet with examples, tips and guidelines
  • Removable, adhesive mounting pads to display your child’s accomplishments

Plus, download a FREE printable letter from the tooth fairy!